(verb): to radically alter the common experience

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REMIX is our community-based mentoring program that allows 4th-8th grade students the chance to redefine what it means to be a “normal” student in 2022. At REMIX students get the opportunity to try new things and put their passions to use helping others. Students also hear from leaders who are currently making a difference in their community and have overcome adversity, challenges, and setbacks. A typical Saturday includes fun games, meaningful conversations, and lots of hands-on activities for students to try.

The goal of REMIX is for students to learn skills and connect to resources that will help them to bring about POSITIVE change in their personal lives, schools, and neighborhoods. Each week students spend time with a consistent mentor who provides coaching, challenge, and lots of laughs. They have space to talk about the things that matter to them whether that be a video game or ending world hunger. We believe that every type of student is unstoppable when given the right mix of tools, connections, and encouragement.

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With your support, we can make sure everyone has the skills they need to thrive.
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