What is True SWAG?

True Self-Worth and Guidance

We help young adults see that they have people who care for them and stand by them. We want our high school students to understand that they don’t have to follow today’s societal pressures. They are free to be who they are meant to be; amazing, kind-hearted, fun, unique people! Each one is special and can do something amazing with their lives.

High School Mentoring in & around Stark County 

True SWAG groups give students the opportunity to form positive, developmental relationships with adults from their community and their peers.

Mentorship matters because relational support is the catalytic force that helps young people develop into their fullest potential.


 Each True SWAG group consists of 2 mentors and up to 6 students.

Small group mentoring occurs on the student’s turf during the school day, where mentors strive to provide students with a fun, casual environment that promotes a lot of thinking, talking, laughing and learning.

Our mentors follow a guidebook that is based on the Ohio Department of Education’s Social and Emotional Learning standards and is delivered using the framework of the 40 Developmental Assets®, which are researched-based social and emotional learning skills that students need to thrive.

Can you volunteer to come alongside students for 1 hour per week?

To find out how to bring True SWAG to your school, contact: [email protected]


With your support, we can make sure everyone has the skills they need to thrive.
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